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Manufacturing drawings and detailing

„PUR-GER DESIGN“ is the engineering office for mechanical construction and design in the Solidworks program and Autodesk Inventor.

A production drawing is a technical drawing in which a component is drawn on a standardized scale according to the rules applicable to such drawings. The production drawing must contain all information required for quality control and production. Particular attention must be paid to the complete dimensioning, the data on the surface properties, the condition of the edges and the information on the shape tolerances and position tolerances.

The production documentation carried out by us includes the preparation of the complete documentation (technical drawings, parts lists, material and technology lists, sheet metal processing, dxf data, tolerances, etc.), which is required for the desired position or assembly with the same properties and the same To be able to produce the structure reproducibly.

The production documentation is the basis for reproducibility and ensures that the manufacture of a specific product is carried out without any variation in size, material, technology and shape.


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