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Industrial automation

„PUR-GER DESIGN“ is an engineering office for mechanical construction and design in the Solidworks program and Autodesk Inventor.

  • EPLAN design, creation of electrical schematics
  • Manufacturing and wiring electrical cabinets
  • PLC programming and process visualization on operator panels (HMI)

EPLAN design

Electrical engineering covers a wide range of engineering tasks. They include the design of power supplies for actuators, sensors and control technology, as well as the development of control systems for machinery and plant systems. In addition, surge and overload protection systems must be developed and systems must be grounded. Another important area of activity is the creation of various documentation, especially schemes for recording the connection of various electrical components. Creating production documentation for making control cabinets containing components is another daily task. All of this together supports users, from commissioning and start-up to service and maintenance tasks.
This is followed by wiring and making electrical cabinets, all according to the previously described standards.

PLC programming and HMI

HMI stands for Human Machine Interface. Generally, it refers to a screen or dashboard that communicates information, data, and metrics using graphics or visual representations of numbers. The screen is operated by an operator who monitors and controls equipment and processes in factories and plants.

Most modern control systems use a PLC (programmable logic controller) as a means of controlling motors, pumps, valves and various other equipment used in the process. Computer-based HMI (Human Machine Interface) products provide a way for process personnel to communicate with the PLC control system.


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