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3D printing and 3D scanning

„PUR-GER DESIGN“ is the engineering office for mechanical construction and design in the Solidworks program and Autodesk Inventor.

Additive manufacturing or 3D printing stands for tool-free production, material efficiency, freedom of design, shortened delivery times as well as prototypes and new business models. It is logical that the methods are increasingly finding their way into mechanical engineering.

We offer the preparation of the 3D models in STL format according to your wishes!

3D printing:

Max size: 400x350x350mm;

Materials: ABS and PLA

Resolution: 0.08 / 0.125 / 0.25mm; Accuracy: 0.1mm

3D scanning is a process that allows you to measure and record without touching the surface, shape, and color of an existing object to create a computer compatible digital shape.

3D scanning for mechanical engineering and industry includes 3D measurement and 3D digitization of components, objects and tools.

Depending on the requirements, the smallest components with the finest details can be measured, but also large machines.

We achieve a 3D accuracy of up to 0.05 mm.


In step with industry 4.0 - digitalization of production!